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Wessex Ham to Close

ClubsAsHubsWessex Ham to Close.

Despite nearly a year’s work by Amateur Radio Clubs and individuals from the South West of England with the aim of improving the reach and effectiveness of the hobby of Amateur Radio in the region, we regret that the RSGB Legacy Committee has not been able to support the project in any way that would make it a viable proposition. 

Despite setting out a very clear path for our first priorities – as requested – and providing a comprehensive document setting out our working methodology, the RSGB Legacy Committee was unwilling to meet the baseline criteria that we established for a successful venture.  The three issues that most appeared to concern the members were duration, sustainability, and cost.  

The Committee did not appear to understand that successful structural change often requires considerable investment over a short period and did not accept that the project could be sustained beyond the three-year timescale without repeat funding.  They also questioned the proposed cost, telling us that “a lot of what you could be doing could be done at little or no cost”.  And they were unwilling to commit to a timescale beyond a single year. 

It is for the RSGB Legacy Committee to set its own criteria for grant making, but we regret that these do not appear to extend supporting a three-year joint project by more than six clubs and many individuals in the rural South West of England - and one that was supported by the RSGB's own district representatives.

Having discussed these issues, the clubs involved have concluded that there just isn’t sufficient understanding of, or support for, the project from the RSGB Legacy Committee for us to deliver it as envisaged and will close the project with immediate effect. 

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