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FT991AYaesu FT991A - one of the new breed of Amateur Radio Transceivers

With some basic training for a licence, anyone can use radio to communicate with others across the world

Amateur Radio is all about developing practical skills and knowledge for Radio Communication.  Using home-built or commercially available radio transmitters and receivers, Radio Amateurs, or 'Hams', continue to develop the use of a wide range of frequencies and modes that are often at the cutting edge of radio technology.  Many also find time to meet, learn, and chat on air about their fascinating hobby.

Radio Amateurs also use their knowledge and equipment to provide Emergency Communication in times of crisis. In 2011, Japanese Radio Amateurs provided a vital service in establishing local and international radio communication when the Tsunami destroyed all communication infrastructure. In the UK, all Licenced Radio Amateurs can provide this vital service.

It's a fantastic feeling to have designed, built, and tuned your own radio antenna, and to make contact with other Radio Amateurs both locally and across the world. Amateur Radio is great fun. 

But it's also a great way to learn.  Radio Communication is a vital part of everyday life - from mobile phones to internet communication, from satellite communication to low power local networks.  And Amateur Radio is engaged with developing all of them.

Link up with a local hub

Click on the markers in the map below to make contact with one of the participating Amateur Radio hubs in the area.  An email to the contact will link you to a community of licenced Amateur Radio operators who will gladly help get you started in the hobby.

Our Aims

The bold new 'Wessex Ham' project aims to increase the reach and strength of Amateur Radio as a hobby in the South West of England. 

We're just setting up at the moment, so watch this space for more....

You can help us

Spread the word! We want people in the South West of Engand to know what's on offer from Wessex Ham.

Volunteers Wanted

Can you help us develop Wessex Ham?  We need volunteers to help grow the project.

If you can spare some time to help us, please register as a member of Wessex Ham and put 'Volunteer' in the 'interests' field!

Online and Classroom Training

Wessex Ham is building a first-class training programme run by Andy Jenner G7KNA, the RSGB district representative for Bristol and North Somerset that will go online soon - see introduction here

If you are interested in taking part in our training programme, either as a student or as an RSGB trainer, please register your interest here.

Yachting / Boating Net
8.00am Tuesday Mornings, 3.765 +/- QRM

There's quite a few of us with yachts / boats in the South West. 

We're starting an 80m Yachting / Boating Net.  If you're interested, email us for details.

Read more about the net here.